About us

Erve Kleilutte has been around since 1986. In 2011 we were, Vincent and Angelique, the proud owners of this beautiful place. We have the park retrieved from Angelique’s parents. We live on the park together with our children Tess, Stan and Lauke.

Angelique’s childhood brought she together with her sisters and parents on the Kleilutte. “So I have since gained experience in the recreational sector. After obtaining the Hotel school, I go a year travel through Australia and New Zealand. After that I worked for years in the hospitality industry. I go in my spare time like cycling, walking with our dog and do nice things with the family. ”

Vincent also comes from Twente. “I have studied at the ALO in Groningen and spent years taught as a teacher of gymnastics education.

Piece of history

In 1986 Angelique’s parents bought the park.

From 2011 we have completely taken over the park. Since then, we build a new play House and two new holiday homes. Also we have all existing houses renovated and we continue working each year to meet the needs of the contemporary guest.

Over the past 33 years stayed there many special and unique (recurring) guest on Erve Kleilutte.

We do everything to make our guests a memorable, one of which with great pleasure on look back. Like we hope to welcome you on Erve Kleilutte!

Vincent & Angelique